Thursday, June 9, 2011

Interview with Zak Sally and Dylan Williams part 1

The day prior to MIX 2010, I organized an interview with Zak Sally and Dylan Williams in the La Mano studio. I was too out of sorts to compose any questions or really do anything other than hold the microphone. Luckily, Justin had my back in concerns to the questions and Toby Jones and Ben Hanson took care of shooting the actual video.

That Kim Deitch volume Zak mentions in the video is now available for purchase! Click the La Mano link!! Oh, and before I forget, another round of thanks to everyone who threw some greenbacks at Zak's Sammy The Mouse book via Kickstarter. Y'all made it happen and it is going to be a beaut!

PS this blog is still in the process of becoming 100% functional. Thanks and apologies chitlins.

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