Friday, March 18, 2011

Call for submissions!!

This is mostly copy-pasted from my blog so sorry if you've already read it!

I'm doing a new comic/zine thing about periods and puberty for girls. I've found out (from many heart-to-heart conversations and my own experiences) that most girls are not prepared at all for the start of their periods and body hair and bra shopping and suddenly having to use deodorant and all that jazz that comes along with puberty. I'm going to be writing and drawing about these topics with humor and blunt honesty (for example, yes you will ruin some underwear when you start getting your period, but it wont end there. You will be ruining underwear until menopause. It's a fact and anyone who says otherwise is lying).

I'm asking for submissions or stories about your own experiences during puberty ladies. I'm going to be adding 'real life stories' throughout the book so be graphic and honest please. The point is to show other girls-hopefully young girls going through this or about to-understand that it is awkward and embarrassing but it's awkward and embarrassing for everyone. Feel free to submit more than one story (most girls have a pretty good period story, but I'd also like stories about telling your folks about your period, side affects of your period, boobs and bra shopping, shaving, and B.O. ect ect). If you are more comfortable with the story being anonymous that's totally fine, just let me know. Otherwise if you wanna include a drawing or a short comic with your submission (or just a written one, this isn't just for artists) that's awesoommmeee! Feel free to share this information with any other women you know of who may be willing to share some personal details about their past!

Email submissions to me at

P.S. Am I not covering something that you think I should be talking about in this zine? Let me know that as well! Also the deadline is April 4th, I know not a lot of time to work on something, but I'd like to get it done before Stumptown Comic Con!

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