Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Who You Don't Know!

You may have run across this link in your exploration of facebook:

Think of all the people that you've been acquainted with at one time or another that are now on facebook. Click See All.

Oh the anticipation. Soon a parade of your former childhood friends, classmates and bullies, ex-boy-friends, ex-roommates, and second cousins will float before your eyes. You will get a glimpse of them drunk in their favorite bars, with pot bellies and slightly balding heads, read about their coke-addled ex's and 9-5 office jobs, and view thousands of pics of their children. Or maybe you'll find they've succeeded in running their own guitar business, spent a small fortune on a wedding in Hawaii, haven't gained a pound despite two babies, and bought a suburban house and a pit bull named Grover.

But no, you were mislead. As you scroll down the page you don't know any of the people that pop up in your facebook generated list of "people you may know". They're all famous cartoonists that you admire because you've read their books. It's like facebook is taunting you with who you don't know. But you decide to take the bait. You click on one.

Trumped! Of course you don't know Jim Woodring personally. Now you feel stupid for even trying.

You could always add him and hope he's kind or not paying enough attention and accidentally accepts your friend request. But you already have a ton of cartoonist facebook "friends" that you don't know. It's like buying stuff. Should you buy more stuff that you're never going to use?

The only person you know "personally" in this "People you may know" list doesn't have a face and two days later he still hasn't accepted your request.

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