Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Minnesotan Interviews: Steroid Party

For part 5 of this multi-part interview series we have Steroid Party, who is a funny and odd fellow.  I love the big lug.  Lets get this thing rolling.

Steroid Party:
here is my bio height:6'3" weight:221 lbs hair:blk eyes:brwn married IQ:47 worth:questionable

IKAF:1.) What do you do to make ends meet?  Does this interrupt the output of your own creative projects, comics and otherwise?

Steroid Party: i work a job i do not enjoy or understand most of the time and occasionally pick up a side job here and there that tends to make me question my moral turpitude.

IKAF:2.) Is there something in particular you have done to balance your art and the need for monetary sustenance?

Steroid Party: yup. i just don't do art anymore at all.  except for when i do.

IKAF:3.) When was the last time you bought a comic anthology (or any kind of anthology)?  Was there anything in particular that attracted or repelled you to that specific one?

Steroid Party: almost every sunday i take a walk up to big brain to let my nerd run loose. the first thing that draws me in is the art inside. i ignore the covers. they are a misleading tease. i hate it when a book looks totally awesome on the cover and then you open it up and it's some hackneyed manga garbage done by a fat troll from terell, texas.

IKAF:4.) What are some of the projects you are working on now?

Steroid Party: i'm wrapping up my latest book. my editor called it "the next great american novel". it's due on shelves everywhere november 2011. i'm kidding. i'm not working on anything. unless growing a beard counts.

if success were measured in failures, i'd be a hundredaire

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